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Shenzhen Jinbaoxin Photoelectric Co., Ltd. relies on the electronic capital (Shenzhen), LED industry base (Shiyan) as the production base, adhering to the "practical and innovative, strict and efficient, customer satisfaction" business policy, integrity-based, to provide users with The business philosophy of first-class products and first-class service is willing to work together with new and old customers to develop together and strive to accelerate the development of the world's photoelectric display lighting industry!

The main products of Shenzhen Jinbaoxin Photoelectric Co., Ltd. are as follows:

LED display series: indoor P1.5625/P1.667/P1.875/P1.923/P2/P2.5/P2.976/P3/P3.91/P4/P4.81/P5/P6/P7. 62/P10 full color display and full color module; outdoor P3/P3.91/P4/P4.81/P5/P6/P8/P10 surface mount full color display and full color module, outdoor P6/P8/ P10/P12/P16/P20 in-line full color display and full color module;

Indoor F3.0/F3.75/F5.0 surface single-color display and single-color module, semi-outdoor P10/P13.33/P16/P20 in-line single-color display and single-color module;

LED lighting product series: LED fluorescent tube T8/T5 conventional and integrated, LED soft and light strip 3535/5050/5630 light strip, LED panel light, LED light word module, LED flood light, LED spot light, LED street light , LED wall washers, LED guardrail tubes, etc.

Main push: indoor P3/P3.91/P4/P4.81 surface mount module and rental project full color screen, outdoor P5/P6/P8 surface mount module and engineering high-definition full color screen.



Company Profile

Shenzhen Jinbaoxin Photoelectric Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in LED display lighting and lighting industry, with LED display and LED lighting series as the leading products, integrating development, production, sales, construction and after-sales service. .

Shenzhen Jinbaoxin Photoelectric Co., Ltd. gathers LED display lighting industry elites, has a large number of experienced, professional skills, senior technical and management talents, and has an excellent sales team. With strong technical strength and abundant resources, the company adheres to the enterprise spirit of “quality-oriented, reform and innovation, honesty and win-win”, relies on strict quality management system, continuously develops and develops in related fields, and establishes a global market. marketing network. Our products have been widely used in stations, squares, enterprises, shopping malls, securities offices, airports, railways, stadiums, post and telecommunications bureaus, power supply bureaus, hospitals, buildings, hotels, multimedia and other places. The company undertakes and participates in Guilin Airport, star rating. Design, production of large-scale LED full-color display projects such as hotels, China-Africa TV stations, Zhaoqing Rural Commercial Bank, Xiangyang Chengguan Health Center, Royal Soho, large media companies, Dubai Plaza, Fumin Group, Guangzhou International Bank, and Shenzhen Information College And construction. Because of its complete system, reasonable design, advanced technology, reliable and stable operation, after-sales and thoughtful, product quality is excellent, the price is reasonable and well received by the majority of users.



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